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Company Profile


Founded in 2000, Dongying Wanlong Machinery Mould Co., Ltd. is a professional mold production enterprise dominated by production of precision casting molds that aggregates designing, production, assembly and trial run.

The Company lies in Dongying, a central city of Shengli Oil Field in Yellow River Delta. By sticking to the operational concept of ‘Quality is the foundation of survival, and credibility is the source of development’, the company has been maintaining close and tacit cooperation with our clients on a long-term basis.

After years of development, exploration and accumulation of experience, the Company has accumulated rich practical experience on mold designing, production, processing and online use of molds. It particularly shows mature production capacity and rich production experience in automatic mold designing and wax mold processing, which displays a major effect to improve production efficiency of foundry enterprises and to bring down labor cost.


DongyingWanlong Mold


The company has outstanding professional technical teams and advanced production and processing devices and detection means. The Company has 21 advanced processing centers both in China and in the overseas and high-speed CNC engraving and milling machines, 2 four-shaft machining centers, one five-shaft processing center and several advanced processing and production devices including CNC mirror surface spark make-up machines, slow silk yarn cutting machine and so forth. The Company has management team members, technical staffs and assembly line workers tallying around a hundred. The company adopts CAM and other software and CAE simulation analysis software for optimized designing and to realize high-quality and highly-efficient products. Its models feature such characteristics as precise size, aesthetic shape, reasonable structure, handy and efficient operation and long duration. It cooperates with such large-scaled outstanding precision foundry enterprises as Yingliu Logistics, Inner Mongolia No.1 Machinery Group, Dongying Jiayang, Guangde Group, Hengying Group and so forth as well as a handful of foreign precision foundry companies on military industry and aerospace. The company has an annual production capacity of more than 2000 sets.

The Company always starts from the practical use when it comes to structural designing of its mold. Processing precision of its mode is aimed at improving size precision of foundry and perfection of the surface of the foundry. Thanks to its stable product quality and efficient supporting services, it has been yielding consent and good comments among customers on a long-term basis. The Company has been abiding by the development concept of ‘technology as the precision and prestige as the center’ and the operational tent of ‘passionate service and working in joint effort’. In terms of technology, it is continuously enhancing technological innovation. in mold, it is constantly working on and improving means of mod as well as usage efficiency and duration of mode. In services, it has timelier and more proper operational goals. With its advanced devices for production and processing, outstanding professional technical teams, down-to-earth work style, development concept that keeps abreast with the times, it is striving towards perfection on quality of the precision foundry industry. The company expects to know more new friends and retain more old friends.